Who we are, but especially, what we want.

For us BSA is a Revolutionary Factory.
We don’t mean to change the World, of course! But simply give a new sense to the way of feeling the beer and to the pleasure of drinking it. Being Revolutionary and love the changes means even evolve our beer in the best way. What helps us to do that is Quality, since the careful choice of the raw material to the control and traceability, BSA always try to improve the production and the business processes in order to get the max satisfaction of its customers.
Our big big desire is to combine the extremely refined taste of the Craft Beers with a big big fun, exploring every dimension of the magic universe of our very beloved Beer.
Have fun with us! Viva the Revolution!

Working Class Heroes

The true power of the BSA Brewery is in the hearth of its working Team, special people and excellent professionals in their own job.
They match experience in beer, advertising, selling, bartender and they are king and lovely… Here comes the BSA Beer Crew!

  • Vicky The Captain
  • Luigi The Happy Worker
  • Luciano Mad Professor
  • Max The Crazy 3d Driver
  • Paolo Serial Brewer
  • Fritz The Blitz!
  • Antonio The Revolutionary
  • Stefy Miss Calcolo
  • Cri The Bank Robber