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La rossa del GalloCool Beers 6.914.5° Plato - IBU 40 - 6.9 %vol.

Follow the crowing of the rooster. A purebred English Bitter Ale with a strong balance between the soft taste of Malts and the bitterness of the Hops. A Beer by the unmistakable Style.

The ideal companion to any tempting plate of meats, roasts or shellfish. To enjoy at the Fight Club while The Rolling Stones are fighting with the Ramones and Bob Marley suddenly arrives.

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FogLost Beer 4.413° Plato - IBU 20 - 4.4 %vol.

Let’s get lost! Produced with barley Malt, Wheat and oats’ flakes. It shows a clear colour with a liquid cloudy natural look. Very refreshing and a little bitter. A fantastic maze of flavours. The orange peels infusion and the coriander makes it almost sour. The foam is compact and creamy.

A difficult Beer to find anywhere else. Savour it as a well-deserved refreshment or at the Drive-in with an exciting Horror B-Movie.

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La bionda del LeoneRoarrr Beer 5.313° Plato - IBU 35 - 5.3 %vol.

Hear the Lion roar. A Czech Pils/ German Style Beer. A straight-forward, but easy to go beer, with a dry and clea flavour. A blow with a paw of selected Malts and precious Hops, between the famous Saaz. Extremely refreshing, with a golden hue and a good carbonation. Enjoy it at any time of the day. A Beer full of determination, perfect with your favourite pizza, any pasta dishes or to be enjoyed in the arena with the most ferocious beasts and the most craziest gladiators.

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EnigmaA Mistery Beer 7.518° Plato - IBU 80 - 7.5 %vol.

Una belga con i connotati di una IPA. Una Birra senza superpoteri ma intrigante e tutta da scoprire.
Aspettate di assaporarne la seducente corposità e la provocante amarezza e vi domanderete cosa vi
induce a berla e ad apprezzarne il suo stuzzicante pizzicore. Bevetela mangiando quello che volete,
gustatela con quello che più vi aggrada tanto non scoprirete mai qual’è il suo piatto preferito.

Quando portate il bicchiere pieno alla bocca potrebbe capitarvi di sentire le urla dei dannati di Arkham
e il battito veloce delle ali di un pipistrello. Chi sarà mai?

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Hell RicePain Beer 12.529° Plato - IBU 55 - 12.5 %vol.

A Hell of a Beer. A sip of Hell Rice is a journey into the depths of your spirit, to laugh at the everyday Hell.
It well combines with powerful and structured goat cheeses, with tobacco and chocolate.

A Beer for an intimate weekend night after havin’ worked your ass off for twelve hours: open fire, a glass of
Hell and clouds of Kentucky Toscano, the songs of the Mondine (Vercelli’s typical paddy fields workers)
and the screams of the flesh tearers Cenobites. Take this, Lord Master!

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MoZkitoSexy Summer Beer 4.012° Plato - IBU 25 - 4.0 %vol.

A cream of a beer. A velvety beach of Malt’s flowers and over-Hopped perfumes. Golden like the shining sun of California or of the Rice Paddies. To enjoy by the sea or sunk into the couch with white meats, tandoori chicken, herb risotto, artichokes risotto. Light enough for you to drink as much as you like, always with your girlfriend Moderation.
And then, let’s everybody go surfin’ or skateboardin’ to the rhythm of the Beach Boys or the Ventures. It’s Sexy!

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FunkyBoo Boo Beer 6.616.5° Plato - IBU 25 - 6.6 %vol.

An unleashed Beer. A real Porter, the historical Beers of London’s Porters. Characterised by coffee and licorice aromas and flavours, with toasty and smoky notes that, depending on the interpretations can vary from mild to intense. In this traditional version, the soft palate combines with an intense aroma of Hops and hints of alcohol.

A relentless Beer which well combines with strong cheeses, traditional grits, meat or fish in the oven 
and - of course - oysters. To enjoy dancing till you drop with Jaaaaaaames Brown.

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RiotCombat Beer 8.119° Plato - IBU 45 - 8.1 %vol.

An unbeatable Beer. A pure Belgian Style Golden Strong Ale. High-grade, with medium body and an intense gold colour. A pleasant floral aromas and fragrances of jungle herbs. The dryness of alcohol becomes more apparent in the aftertaste and the medium carbonation gives really strong. Its taste is for those who never give up. To drink with fried fish, cheese, pastries or at the end of the night while dancing with joy with the most bouncing Rude Boys or listening to “Revolution Rock” by The Clash!

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Hey Ho! To Go!Refreshing Beer 6.214° Plato - IBU 60 - 6.2 %vol.

An amber Beer India Pale Ale Style (IPA), which has been created by the method of continuous hopping and Ingredients that give the typical aromas of exotic fruits. The IPAs were originally intended for the British troops in the distant colonies to help them coping with the long, hot journeys. Refrigerators did not exist, but the magic Hops did! So Beers were kept perfectly.

To be consumed with meat, fish, and smoked foods to the rhythm of drums and wild, dreaming of the fantastic adventures of Sandokan and his Tiger Cubs.

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SorRisoFermentato di Riso Sant'Andrea6,0% Alc
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SexonOrgasmatron Beer 5.512° Plato - IBU 20 - 5.5% vol

A spicy experience in pure Belgian Saison style with the classic spicy flavor made ​​even more sexy and exciting by Pepper and by the Beni highlands Chilli. A thirst-quenching and refreshing Adventure through lysergic unexplored worlds , a pure pleasure kaleidoscope. Let yourself be conquered, sip by sip, slouched on a comfortable waterbed while listening to Rocky , Lemmy , Syd , Jimi or to your favorite Psychedelic Rock groups . Once you've tried her it's almost impossible to turn back . The Season of love is Open and it's time for a Sexon to be opened . Forbidden to conformists , moralists and bigots . Absolutely X-Rated !

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Santandrea LagerITALIAN LAGER - BIRRA AL POPOLO!10,5 Plato - 4,7% alc


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