Blitzkrieg Hop 7.7
18° Plato - IBU 95 - 7.7 %vol.

F***THE WAR!!!
The Original Blitzkrieg Hop Beer

Top fermentation Beer

40.00 €
6 Bottles 75cl
45.00 €


It hits the palate. It attacks the throat. And confuses senses. Simply, it’s special, a hurricane of pleasure.
A flowing of precious Hops Cascade Original American Style. Amber coloured, deliciously medium body.
Grass and fruity scents to offer a vibrant and unique experience. You can pair it with who and what you want, whatever happens She always wins. Invent your own Blitz gourmet! It’s a Bomber, to drink with
Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Black Flag. One, Two, Three, Four! Unforgettable.

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